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Seg Type Lot Buy/Sell Entry Rate Target-1 Target-2 Stop Loss Call Status Amount Remarks
aluminium mega 1 Buy 137.50 140.20 - 137 profit 5000
zinc mega 1 Buy 212.20 214.50 - 211.60 profit 5000
Mcx Tips Updated on 16-OCT-2017.

If you are looking for the Best Commodity tips provider company in India then Sai Mcx will help you to gain maximum profit with minimum risk by providing the best intraday Mcx tips. Our professional experts having a vast experience of Mcx market fundamentals will suggest how to trade in Indian Commodity market via free Commodity Tips on Mobile.

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Top 10 Intraday Trading Tips (rules) for successful trading

  • Follow stop loss strictly
  • Positive Attitude is needed for successful intraday trading
  • Learn from your losses as well as profits
  • Do Trading as per Market Trend
  • Maintain Daily Targets of both Profits and Losses
  • Control your desire of over trading
  • Do not use emergency money (for family)
  • Trade in your Limit
  • Build strength to tolerate losses
  • Do not involve emotions


Our Commodity Tips Services for Mcx Market

  • Pre opening Tips
  • Accurate Commodity Tips
  • Positional Commodity Tips
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Why “Sai Mcx” As the Best Commodity Tips Provider?

We always share our past performance reportof cmmodity tips: no matter it was profit or loss.Check our winning picks (Instead of only positive performance).

No Fake commitments:
We never say that we provide 100% accuracy and sure shot Mcx tips. Our accuracy is in between 80% -99 %. We always share disclaimer that do not invest in one call only. For safe side we always insist our customers to break out your fund to our all calls.

Strong Fundamentals:
We have core knowledge of Mcx Fundamentals. Sometime Commodity maeket rises and some contracts are going down and vice versa also. Our Commodity Market Professionals have eye on external parameters and genuine news. So you can get perfect Commodity market tips.

Pay after profit:
We always believe in synergic growth. 1st you will get profit from our Low Cost Trial and then pay if you really like our services.

Competitive Price Guaranteed:
We know the value of your hard earned money. So we are offering low and affordable price for our premium members.

Know More about Sai Mcx

As we are dealing in Intraday Mcx tips since very long time, we have lots of customers in major metro cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mysore, Indore, Visakhapatnam, Nagpur, Kochi, Coimbatore, Ludhiana, Warangal, Thiruvananthapuram, Panchkula and many more. We also offer special service of Mcx tips for NRI traders.

We never say that our accuracy of our commodity tips services is 100%. But our success ratio is 80-99%.

"We don’t Believe in Resistance and Support Levels for Intraday Trading,But we provides these just on your demand
We Recommend to Buy/Sell mcx jackpot tips,sure shot commodity tips at Current Price in Mcx commodity Market with Specific Qty."

We have special expertise for “Jackpot Commodity Tips” and “Sure Shot Commodity Tips”. If you are looking for sure shot Tips for today or Jackpot Mcx Tips for tomorrow then your search ends here.

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Our Motto:

“Your Success of Earning Money in Mcx commodity Market is the True Goal of”

Strict Disclosure : According to SEBI guidelines: Our website gives idea & hints, purely a view point to day traders. We don’t give promise of any sure income/return/profit as intraday trading can be risky too. Nobody can be 100% Sure in the Mcx market. is not responsible for any losses incurred by acting on the our recommendations or our view. You are aware of risk in trading using our recommendations (Mcx tips services). Members are requested to apply their prudence and consult their financial advisor before acting any of the recommendations by Please read our full disclosure for more details before proceeding to avail our Mcx tips services.

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